How it all began

It all started 20 years ago when my parents, based in The Forest Of Bowland began to supply family and friends with various cuts from the Highland cattle reared on the farm. Needing an outlet for these cattle they set up Farmhouse Direct, a small family run business with an eye for quality produce and the finest rare breed meats.

They began to attend local Farmers Markets and demands for various cuts quickly increased leaving them with no option but to set up their very own Butchery on the farm. This gradually built step by step and they soon realised that the steak cuts were the most popular, frequently leaving them with the cheaper cuts. After some deliberation they quickly realised just how perfect these cheaper cuts would be for pies. And from this my mum began to create the recipes of which we still use today for our scrumptious pies.

Here at Pastree we LOVE food. From pies, to pastries, to yummy tarts and every now and again damn good canapés. For us, creating the finest foods in our very little bakery means a whole lot. We use the best ingredients – as locally sourced as possible. And of course… everything is handmade and as tasty as we can possibly make it.

 No soggy bottoms found here!

The pastree was always going to be an essential factor to making the pies work which is why for our short crust pastree we used my Great Grandmas recipe – You can’t beat it! She was an amazing cook, which is probably where both mine and mums love of cooking came from. Its been passed from generation to generation. We’ve never known any different than to appreciate incredible foods. And from that point on, through trial and error, hours of baking and regular fallouts with the aga we developed our very own and much loved hot water crust pastree.

Over the years we’ve continued to attend major events and shows. We’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country. Which leads us to now…

20 years from the start…

After what some would call a rocky road… with plenty of mishap… 2017 has marked the start of a fresh new partnership. Its time for a new name, a new look and some new ideas. So being the passionate foodies that we are, we are thrilled to share our latest adventure with you… Pastree!